Peach Basil Salad 

I’m not sure how this utter simplicity could be any more awesome. Right now I pick up a half peck of peach seconds at Honey Pot Hill orchard every few days fully intended to freeze some and to make jam. But then all the peaches get eaten! Because what is not to love about the sticky sweetness of peaches in season??! Nothing. There is nothing not to love. (Unless you have issues with juice running down your arm. Which I respect.) here is a very civilized peach salad that we’ve been enjoying this summer. It says 4 servings, but really hubs and I kill the whole thing in one sitting. Also a great use for the basil hedge in my garden. (I have a feeling the time for pesto draws nigh.)

4 servings

4 peaches, diced

1/2 c coarsely chopped fresh basil

Juice of a lemon (about 2TB)

If you want to peel the peaches, I suggest blanching them (here are some directions from Martha). However, I’m lazy, and I like the skins. That’s where the nutrients are, right? So I just grab the peaches, dice them, add the freshly chopped basil, juice a lemon over it all, and stir. That’s it. I suppose a dash of cinnamon could be yummy. It definitely does not need sugar. It is already the perfect balance of sweet peach, tangy lemon, and peppery basil.

This really needs to be eaten right away. Even coated in lemon juice the peaches will start to look brown and mushy if left for more than a couple hours. (They taste fine; it’s just the oxidization process.)

Once I found myself with some extra salad that had gotten to this point. I puréed it in my food processor and turned it into sorbet in my kitchen aid ice cream maker. Just as good. People, I love summer!

Also in salad news. Check out this NYtimes food article on the crushed cucumber salad. Guess I’ll be grabbing extra cukes at the farmers market this weekend.


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