September garden

The summer garden, meager as it was, is waning into autumn. As I keep telling myself, this yer the garden was just to have something rather than nothing. No particular harvest goals. I’ve gotten some beans and some tomatoes. I think if things had gotten going a few weeks earlier in the summer, there would be more. But I’m enjoying what there is.

These are Ukrainian melons from Baker Creek seed company. About 4 of them are green on the vines, and I so hope that they ripen before frost. 
The vines sprawl out across the front yard behind the zinnias. 
The sunflowers make me so happy. This is the first time I’ve grown them without deer munching off the tops.  

There are many green tomatoes yet. The three sisters bed was also fun. But I only got make blossoms off of the copious pumpkin vines. Humph.  
We have gotten these tasty darling ears of corn though!

And then the herb bed got completely taken over by lemon grass and zinnias. I think I’m gonna relocate the lemon grass, because I had no idea it would get that huge. I love having it, though. It’s fragrant and super tasty for cooking with. And apparently is a natural bug repellant…so maybe around the patio? 
Also the grapes are ripening!! Delicious Concord grapes!


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