Upon the acquisition of poultry

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you will already know that the biggest news here at Parker Street this week was the arrival of four hens. Two Red Stars and two Black Stars. They are a year old, and just past their prime laying season, so a farmer sold them off fairly cheaply. But the opportunity also came up rather suddenly, so we were caught scrambling to finish the chicken run. Because we live in town, we can’t let them free range, nor do I really want to, honestly…too much worry about the road and predators.

This is Lurvey and Cinnamon.And Sneaker (who is aptly named, as it turns out, as she snuck out on Sunday morning) and Miss Havisham (who has the most personality and wears a wounded air)

Hubs and I still can hardly believe it! We got chickens! for realz!!!

And the taste of the eggs really is truly amazing…even for us, used to farm egg. Like picking food out of our garden, I don’t think we will ever lose the magic of gathering eggs.


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