Seasonal Eats: BLT salad

After so many pics of the kitchen renovation, I thought I would start to share what’s going on in the kitchen. I’m trying to up my cooking game this summer because I’m in a rut. And August is my favorite eating month ever, because the produce is rolling in with abundance. 

Last night I made a BLT salad, made almost entirely with locally sourced ingredients. 

4 tomatoes (large. Or 5 small)– Honey Pot Hill orchard, Stow, MA

1 cucumber, chopped — Applefield Farm, Stow, MA

2-3 c chopped lettuce and arugula — Applefield Farm

1 c chopped fresh parsley — Applefield Farm

3 boiled eggs, chopped — Three Boys Farm, Stow, MA

6 pieces of cooked, chopped bacon — Balance Rock Farm, Berlin, MA

1 chopped purple onion

1-2 c cooked chickpeas

For a dressing I used about 1/2 c yogurt (I suppose you could use mayo, but it’s not my favorite), 2 TB lemon juice (one lemon), 2 TB olive oil. Salt and pepper to taste. 

This turned out utterly delicious. As a main course, hubs and I ate the whole bowl. But as I side dish, I could see it serving about 4 people. 

You guys! I’m gonna eat this for the rest of summer!!



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